Rousant Sherwood has been a worldwide supplier of components for oxygen valves for over 40 years. We have developed a reputation for our attention to detail, quality of product and on time delivery.

During the current Corona virus/COVID 19 pandemic we are fully committed to continued production of components for high quality respirator valves for our partners within the global healthcare sector and will fully support the UK Government’s drive to produce urgently needed ventilators for the NHS. We are still making deliveries to our customers both inside and outside the UK and will continue to do so.

This week we have supplied components to one of of our health care customers in the UK and are about to ship components for oxygen valves to a customer in Italy and continue to serve our other customers in France, the Czech Republic and USA.

We have implemented measures following the Government's guidelines to minimise the potential for the virus to spread within our factory and to protect our employees and their families.

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Our Background

Rousant Sherwood Manufacturing (RSM) is a family company that has been specialising in manufacturing very complex machined components for over 40 years.

During this time we have built up an outstanding international reputation for the production of high precision valves for breathing apparatus and artificial joints for prosthetic limbs. Our thirteen axis capabilities, competitive prices and comprehensive inspection capabilities have undoubtedly contributed to our success.

Our manufacturing techniques allow us to replace multiple set-up and machining operations with just one integrated operation. We work in partnership with engineers to ensure optimal design of integrated components, taking full advantage of our state of the art machines.

We can produce components in ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and plastic materials.

RSM understands that the continued investment in state of the art machinery is extremely important. Indeed, we believe that our commitment to continued investment in multi-axis machines and inspection equipment is the key to our continuing success.

We acquired in August 2013 a Nakamura Super NTJX which enables quicker set up times, Y axis on the lower turret and greater ability to handle short run work.

We also have the following in operation:

4 Nakamura WTW150 Mill turn twin spindle 4 turret 48 tools

1 Nakamura WTS150 Mill turn twin spindle 3 turret 36 tools

2 Nakamura NTY3 Mill turn twin spindle 3 turret 36 tools

2 Nakamura TW20 twin spindle 2 turret 24 tool

1 Nakamura TW10 twin spindle 2 turret 24 tools

1 Tsugami TMA 8 Mill turn plus B axis 60 tools

1 Deco 32 Tornos 13 axis.

3 Vertical mills with 4th axis

1 horizontal Tsugami FMS3

2 CNC1 Hardinge


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