One of our specialities is machining precision valve seats for a number of our customers. We are able to produce valve seats to very tight tolerances and surface finish requirements and verify these using our Alicona Infinite Focus measuring device which removes the need to cut and sacrifice a part for measurement.

We have perfected these manufacturing techniques and reached a point where these seats can be consistently produced over runs of tens of thousands with a very low reject rate.

These valve seats offer the end user of the final assembly cost savings in terms of being able to extract more compressed gas per cylinder.


One key area we are especially proud of is the ability to drill very fine holes, narrower than a human hair. This particular challenge is routine for us with thousands of such holes drilled every week with minimal tool breakages.

We are able to verify the diameters of these holes using optical measuring devices and also pressure testing.


This project is a great example of our approach to work holding and show cases our finishing skills. We were contracted to produce a short run of casings and internal components for a kidney dialysis machine due to enter clinical trials. 

Aluminium stock was bolted onto a rotary indexer and all four faces were machined in a single operation. Additional clamping was used where necessary to ensure rigidity and during cut-off. The work piece is only loaded once maintaining positional accuracy and cumulative tolerances throughout.

The complete housing comprising of six panels were finished by water and bead blasting followed by clear anodising.


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